Feedback on "Inventory shortcut no longer switches to inventory."

Regarding the change: “Activating the inventory shortcut while on another interface screen now only closes that screen, and no longer switches to the inventory.”

My experience with this change is that it feels really cumbersome and unnatural. I am in the habit of using hotkeys to navigate the menus. I personally bound “Inventory” back to the “i” key. I switch from Inventory to Knowledge by pressing “o”. I switch to Attributes by pressing “g”. Bazaar (“h”), battle pass (“b”), challenges (“n”) - I use the hotkeys to switch between tabs. And I switch back to Inventory by pressing “i”. But now I can’t switch back to inventory. I have to double tap “i” to first close the menu then reopen it to Inventory. It feels silly, especially on a fresh start where you use Knowledge to unlock your first weapon and need to switch back to Inventory to hand-craft it. If I want to just close the menu regardless of the current screen, the “Esc” button handles that. We don’t need two buttons handling the same function, while removing the only button that handles a needed function: switching back to Inventory from another tab. At the very least, the choice to remove this functionality should be an option, not just forced hamfistedly.

That’s my feedback on this.

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