Why not? Make normal interaction with inventory!

Why don’t you want to add hotkeys to work with inventory?
Something like hover pressed moved into the box,but if while holding the shift then moved the half!


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Yeah it’s not that fun navigating the inventory, even chests get annoying having to scroll all around.

I wish there was another “Sort inventory” tab for “favorites” or something to separate the things you interact with often vs the miscellaneous junk that fills up the gaps.

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maybe there is already a function to drop stuff with a hotkey, but I haven’t found it so far and I’m really missing it.

I have found so far the easiest way to get your inventories atleast a little bit sorted is like using the “Sort by weight” function.

You can move stuff with holding shift and double clicking onto it between inventories, it’s a bit slow but will work, but yeah there’s no function for like half stacks or sth.

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It should be Mouse-Over + T to pick up 1 item from the stack. Double click for full stack (inverse from ARK)

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Yes it would be great if you took this system from ARK (where it is implemented very conveniently), as did the guys in Dark and Light!

** Whispers in D.B3ATS ears: " Dark & Light is a cousin to ARK because the tech is shared by the same parent company… Snail Games (who share the rights to ARK’s tech) **

cough BUT YES! Very good system indeed.

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