Please re-implement Custom Inventory sorting

Just as the title states.


Please. Seconded.

And please return the specific stack splitting.


Here in agreement. This ‘highlight sorting’ is not “It” either.



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Change the sort method in the drop down menu to “NO SORTING”… and then you’ll have to resort to re-sorting…

It does not save it. If you change it to no-sorting, and then resort everything to “heaviest”, and then back to “no-sorting” it won’t retain your prior organization like Custom would have.

It’s a lame, broken, stupid version of it’s former self. It does not compare. You are mistaken to suggest it’s a work around because it is not.

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The full inventory “update” could be rolled back until better though about.

The visual changes are somewhat good, but the functionality attached to it is atrocious.

Just returning “custom stack” would not solve the problems, or custom inventory sorting. It needs to be reworked to match previous utility value or rolled back whole.


I never use another form of sort, so I never noticed. I’m spatially oriented and prefer to specify…

I’m pretty lenient with all the changes, like with how horrible combat was for a bit, but this is not good.

Trying to tear down a large swath of my base to redesign it and my inventory is a clusterf**k. Sorting makes no damn sense no matter how I try. There’s no quick dumping anything either.

I’m trying but ffs.


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