What the hell happened to my inventory?

And how the heck to I get my custom sorting back??


Enjoy the new interface!


Funcom knows what is best for you.
Accept it.


change to no sorting. Then it will go back to however you want to place things in your inventory.


Tried it and it didn’t work.

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that like the rest they decided to throw in trash something that was working well to replace by something less functional


and no no sorting don’t solve anything for your chest or vauts, that will not remenber order of things you choosed to put inside.

The inventory changes are incomprehensibly bad. I can only wonder what the hell they think they’re achieving. For every marginal improvement there are massive fails.

I’d much much much much much much much much prefer they’d just left it alone.

Utterly puzzling. So head-scratching that I scratched my head clean off my shoulders. I hope you’re happy with this bloody stump Funcom.


stop :clap: playing :clap: this :clap: cash :clap: grab :clap: garbage :clap:


Whoever made the choice to remove “Custom” sorting option and not replace it with the “no sorting” option is BAD AT THEIR JOB. There is no reason, unless it’s to help with server lag. And if that is the case, at least make that statement regarding the issue. And even then, custom inventory sorting is… a basic function of modern games. To un-enable it after years of having it is a giant, stupid, self defeating leap backwards.

Whoever pushed or voted for that, is awful and should be fired on the spot.

I hope someone at FUNCOM grows a pair of nuts and tells whoever is making these stupid choices that they are demolishing confidence in their game.

Not even fun to play anymore. It’s more fun to come here and complain about.

And to think, I am gonna be buying Dune here soon.


I am a friggen idiot for supporting this company.


It’s not though. The moment you “sort heaviest” and try to go back to “no sorting” you have lost your organization. It does not remember. This is a giant, stupid change put into this patch by a giant, stupid person.


and let’s do not talk about the give all, or take or drop the exact amount you want that disapeared…

as said congrat to the one that decided to replace something working by something with less functionnality…


I like the slightly more condensed inventory “look”. But the negative impact of not having a custom inventory can’t be understated. The logic behind it, is lacking logic and has no place in a game development studio. Person making those choices needs to be fired.

It’s like getting a fresh coat of paint on your car, that looks really nice… but perpetually smells like vomit.

Not worth.

I had that too, you have to switch to ‘not sorting’ at the top now.

I can live with having to resort my inventory, but having to split items in halves whenever I need to drop a specific amount is a mind-boggling poor piece of UI design really :confused: I’m not sure who thought it would be a great QoL improvement to remove that basic functionality that’s been a stable of games with inventories, since the mid 90s :frowning:


Utter trash.

This is the worst inventory overhaul of a game I’ve ever seen. There is no QoL gained here other than infinite frustration.

The only way they are ever going to listen is for us to stop spending money. It’s time to find a new game.


It does not remember. The moment you switch to “heaviest” then return to “no sorting” it has forgotten your organizing and you will have to start over.

It’s very bad.


A kid that grew up playing iphone apps and calling them “games”. That’s who.

And don’t worry… if Funcom decides to put ‘custom inventory’ sorting back in their game, it’ll only take four months when the next Age becomes ready with new QoL improvements to look forward to.


it has actively lost your sorting prior to the update but once you change to no sorting and re-sort it the way you want it, it should stick. Mine did yesterday after logging off and back on several times.