Suggestion: Inventory "quality of life" improvements

Hit there,

I bet you all know the old classic game Diablo. Come on, at last your read something about it

What i want to suggest here, is how Diablo used some Keyboard shortcuts to handle Item stacks

You know:

  • hold shift to get 1 item out of a Stack
  • hold alt or strg to get 10 out of a Stack

I miss some function where i only want 10 or 1 piece of Iron Bar from the 325 Ore stack.

It really would improve the item stacks handling


These already exist:

  • Hold shift and right click on a stack to split it in half.
  • Hold shift and drag a stack from one inventory slot to another to get a little box where you enter the quantity you want to move. This one doesn’t work when moving to and from the hotbar, but works for everything else.
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Oh rly? ok then forget it then :slight_smile:

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