Alt-Click : Move all of type to target inventory

So rather than managing single stacks with Shift-Click or ‘Give All’ with a filter we can move all of a certain type with a single Alt-Click.


Yes please… will make smelting a lot faster :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hehe, I’ll use it all over the place all the time. Stone in here, bark in there, hide in there, brim in there, ingot out of there… Will save 100s if not 1000s of clicks and mouse moves a day!

Yes would be one of the best changes in the game.

Until (and if) it happens you can sort your things by weight and use the transfer button after you clicked on the first item of a kind. and just pressing that same button over and over till your stacks ran out.
I found that the fastest way as of now.

Love the idea. My favorite workaround for this currently is to type the name of the item or part of the item name when you first bring up the inventory and then just press give all. It will only move the items that are visible in your inventory.

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Give us something equivalent on console as well, sorting is a pain.

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I use both techniques all the time but they have their flaws. Filtering can of course match multiple item types but in general it works pretty well. Shift-clicking or hitting the give key I probably use the most and works well until you’ve used a controller and then it keeps on resetting to the controller location in the inventory after each move. Yes, it’s a bug but who cares when we have alt-click :smile:!.