PC - Right mouse click to fast/easier move item between inventories

It would be REALLY nice if PC users could could have a better way to give/take items between inventories… we are constantly moving things from inventory to crafting station, from chest to inventory, from inventory to campfire, from loot to inventory… and each action requires a double left click (unless we take or give everything). It gets boring and specially tiring spam double click everytime we want to move large amount of resources between inventories… we should have the right mouse click work as a “double click” button to instantly move the selected object between inventories in one click.

while it requires 2 hands, theres a shift+click which seems to work pretty well.

one of the cool things i like is the “press spacebar” to take all, especially when looking at a characters inventory or a chest, but i cant seem to find a way to re-map the key (or remove) the Drop current item stack (using spacebar)

basically what tends to happen in the heat of combat (or in the aftermath), is i open a container (chest or person), and press space, only to realise that the spacebar got triggered twice, and ive not only picked up the container items, but suddenly have also dropped “something” from my inventory, onto the floor in a loot sack container - potentially repeatable :slight_smile:

I will certainly try the shift + click, and I hear you, I have lost a couple items pressing space to loot all, but instead it triggered drop “something” lol

I laughed when I read this … as this past weekend I must have done this atleast twice and lost backpacks to it. I’ve stood bewildered in my main base wondering in which chest on what base I left it.
It wasn’t until later that day that I couldn’t find the star metal pick I had just been using a few minutes earlier that I realised I must have done what you described… and dropped it…lost forever in the undergrowth.
I have since placed the small stack of bones that I carry for glow-torch repairs in the first inventory space so I don’t drop something important.

Note that you can use the search bar to “filter” and then press “give all”, it’s not super fast but if loading a chest or improved crafting station, it still saves time.

And yeah, the space-bar is dangerous, as the focus marker in your inventory is haunted and will randomly pop all over the place. It seems particularly fond of making me drop my sandstorm mask or my backpack.

ah yes its never always the same place, maybe there is a way to disable (or to remap) that key somehow?

Thats also a very good idea!

But back on topic, a right click should be implemented, the right button is only used for offhand attack… thats very unlike any PC games that find most use of mouse buttons, after all they are the main input for PC gamers

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