Fence building on xbox

on the xbox I am building a fence around my base and am having problem with getting the fence foundations to snap at an angle they only snap in a strait line or it snaps in the middle of the fence foundation.

Ran into same problem when I tested out a fence instead of a wall. Have not tested this since, but when switching to a wall, thought I should have placed a temp sandstone foundation behind the last fence foundation. Then turn the corner by placing the new fence side against that, then delete the foundation piece and continue the fence in the new direction.

But again, not tested. Placements are sometimes weird in this game, so should work but I’ve not confirmed it on a new build yet.

You can try place foundation then put fence foundation and then try to remove foundation ( have not tested but make sure fence foundation is not resting on foundation but on the side of it.)

That’s what I’ve been doing.

thanks for the info

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