Fence Foundation Socket Position Wrong (for perpendicular attachment)

Platform: PC
Game mode: Steam Version
Version: latest normal version on steam
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link:

The fence foundation socket for parallel placement is correct, but the socket for perpendicular placement is in the middle of the foundation, it should be at each end of the foundation. It’s not possible to make a corner with it in the center.

Repro steps:

  1. Place fence foundation
  2. Attempt to place another fence foundation perpendicular at the corner
  3. New fence foundation socket is in the middle of the 1st foundation, should be at the edge

I would like to confirm this and also add that the central socket also seems to prevent building the actual fence on whichever wall is placed second in the T shape. as best as I can tell the only way to make functional fences is to build blocks I don’t need wasting resources that are scarce, or wasting several times more resources using foundations.


Yep, can confirm. Fence Foundations are generally borked. I can usually place one at the bottom (attached to ground), then it’s very hit’n’miss whether I can place anything above that. Third level and above is right out.