Final Breath of The Red Mother and Maelstrom Light unrepairable?

I did not get a chance to check this out on the beta during my test time, but maybe someone can help me out here. Does the Final Breath still have the same timer on it? Something like a weeks time before breaking? If it was posted above i totally missed it.

I seem to find us both in agreement quite often heaven13. Not only would this ahrink the pools for the Skeleton Chest Legendary items to more reasonable numbers, more akin to those of the Warmakers Sanctuary, it also gives players incentives to travel back to each of the biomes.

This sounds great. And it is remarkably analogous to other ideas which many members have pitched to Funcom over time to encourage them to create some system for duplicate recipes. Still hold hope that someday it will be realised.

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To be perfectly honest I thoroughly enjoy and sorely miss this aspect of the game too. And it is also one of the primary reasons why myself and other members have requested a Prestige Mode, so that we can enjoy the process over and over without starting again at our beginnings. I may also make a bold inference that @stelagel also enjoys this early aspect of the game, and is why he often re-rolls and creates new characters with stipulations for additional challenge.


That I would agree with. If Mek Kamoses can survive as a disembodied head then Final Breath of The Red Mother and Maelstrom Light can literally burn forever.


I guess I’m the one person that actually agrees with the new change. Legendaries are ancient weapons forged by knowledge long forgotten. You should feel honored to stumble on one but don’t think your any exile can understand how this was made let alone able to fix it.

Will this favor the grinders? Yep but I have accepted this as just part of the game. You spent 60 hours to get glimmermoon? Awesome for you. I would rather not do that and happy with my hardened steel.

Truth be told I would rather just RNG the weapons themselves. Random name, random boost, random amount, and or random effect. No two are alike and therefore unique.

Some of them yes… some of them are just basic things someone carried around for no reason. You can find Axe Ramza got from Conan, its nothing more then a normal axe.

If this pass I’m out.
I have all DLCs, much os the bazar and all battlepasses.
But people saying legendaries must be rare and yada yada yada needs to first spend 1 year on an official server first to know what they are talking about. Last breath and good legendaries stuff are very rare to find. Not be able to repair that is beyond ridiculous. No one will spend another second grinding for an item that will not be able to be repaired.
It’s good to experiment and all for novelties but Funcom needs to decide what mechanics this game will have. If you change fundamental part of the game mechanics on a wim all the time I will not bother to learn it or to stick for this unsavory experience.


hmm i forgot about this torch…when i first farmed it it dropped me after 3 months , then almost a year nothing when a friend (casual player) wanted it …in both cases we are talking about hundreds of attempts …
Funny thing is, just after 3.0 was released dropped 3 times in one week

So if I repair it before the update , it will last for a while …and we have two more in the chest …so there is a good chance I will stop playing conan before I run out of them

So the mechanics is not flawed because you have hoarded yourself the item?
It’s good to know the communitiy is thinking ahead.

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I agree, you have my vote. With all do respect to the members who try to excuse this mistake, please don’t. Not repairable legendary torches is a mistake that needs to be fixed before the update.


Totally disagree and I’ve been on strictly officials for close to 4 years now. I have 5 LBRM on one server and 3 on another so no, I don’t understand how rare they are. Do you grind? Yep but you are grinding for other stuff anyways so what’s the big deal? I got the majority of my legendary gear in unnamed city simply for grinding power frags to max out my knowledge so I don’t see the issue there.

I can guarantee PVPers will continue to grind out legendaries if they are 100+ damage. It’s what they actually enjoy doing. Finding that rare item gives them the same level of high as explosions at night or a good round of true pvp. PvE? I still don’t see an issue as legendaries are rare and they bumped the craftable stuff so the only thing I can see going on here is a psychological need to have the best in class and this new method makes that very time consuming to maintain this.

Good IMHO. While nothing is going to change black blood tools with always usurp hardened steel ones, the pain of getting these will force people to actually craft more things.

Pus it also means you got to keep visiting places to maintain your stock. I see nothing but win here.

Read the first part of that post , I spent a year and a quarter killing poor Red Mother maybe a thousand times to get 2 torches.

this item is probably the rarest thing in the game and is heavily RNG , at the thought of having to farm it again I’d probably rather go singleplayer and get it through the admin panel

The way to make it unrepairable is … but I’d rather not comment on that, there’s no decent answer.

I’m just glad that if nothing goes wrong I don’t have to worry about it for a few years.


Okay, so finally got done work and can answer my own question. The Final Breath has the same Dur timer as before but the only difference is is unrepairable.

I actually did not know this could be repaired, since I’ve never been able to keep one long enough for the Dur to go down far enough, and this was even on officials using it every night.

Seems like every now and then I’d die due to some log out issues where the temp killed me, or that vicious disconnect where I’d drop but my Toon kept running on the horse in game for just a few more seconds and I’d run off a cliff, dying. However, even logging back in to retrieve my body, the body never showed on the map…Ah, what the heck Tys… anyways…

I’d always lose a Breath somehow during normal gameplay due to death and loot drop so I’d always have to replace it rather than repair it. So, I guess my opinion is this isn’t a big deal for me. I can barely keep these things long enough to warrant repair.


Not only the torch is somwhat rare soldor the cold protection shield or the heat brotection shield i totaly get the point why they do this change but i dont like it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::dizzy_face:


One CAN recognise an issue… U do not have to drive a car to understand that a missing wheel is problem u know…

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Try telling a motorcycle rider they need 4 wheels. That’s how this feels here.

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Being a motorcycle rider myself, i wouldn’t mind having 4wheels if the behaviour of the bike would still hold the principles of a single tracked vehicle (like a motorcycle is). In fact (if u ever driven any of the 2 front wheeled motorcycles that are out there , the feeling and stability upon cornering is better and more predictable than a single wheel offers. This has been done cause people that DO UNDERSTAND how a motorcycle should feel were involved in the development stages…
They did not changed the principles …
I hope u get the idea…


But that is not a motorcycle, thats a tricycle.

Tricycles as we use the term usually have one wheel in front and two at the bacl axle making them a two-trace vehicle (like cars). The twin front wheels r designed in the way of allowing the motorcycle to act and behave like a sigle-track vehicle (like the 2 wheeled ones), which i said i would not bother using AS LONG AS the principle stays the same and it acts and behaves like the 2wheeled one.
So trust me we ride bikes not because they have two wheels , ( they can have 3 wheels, tracks, skiis at front wheels and tracks at their rear, or whatever they want), but because they give us a specific sense of driving (way more different than a twin tracked vehicle)…

The principle must remain the same, not the vehicle…

Same goes for changes. The principle needs to be the same. Not the stats…


I don’t trust motorbikes with more than 2 wheels. They give to the driver a fake security and it ends up to go on turns with high speed so the vehicle goes of the road.
People who drive motorbikes must always drive with respect in this power of flexibility and speed.
Too many Tourists in Rhodes rent a 4 wheel bike for safety and they end up on hospital or even worst :pensive:.