Finding owner of lost thrall

I am co-admin’ing a server and on occasion we see a thrall having been left behind.
I have been unable to find a way of seeing who may actually own the thrall.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

I have a hunch that I may be able to fish out the information from the database with an SQL query, but I am unsure if it will actually be doable.

So, anyone has an idea, hint, solution?

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Have run across this on our ps4 server several times being on console no way for us. @FlameBlade

When players leave my server, a Blood-Moon Beast “purge” happens. It definitely helps to clean up the server and it’s fun to watch :joy:

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With Pippi installed I know admins can see where clans have built. I don’t know for sure, but expect they can see which clan or player owns a thralls as well

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