Fire affects and transparency

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[Free text] For a little over a month now i’ve been experiencing transparent doors and shield and even some walls where i can see either the lava at the volcano through a shield,i can see through my hanging braizers as it burns and embers through my doors in my base when the furnaces are going,its even worse when i get
the advance furnace that it almost all transparent and it starts flickering like a strobe light.Basically anything that has embers,fire or anything like that i can see them when i shouldn’t be (especially through shields?).I’ve checked my video card for updates and it is updated,tried lowering my graphics and STILL it’s there. i’ve asked people on my server and no one is experiencing this.Is there anyone that could help me figure this out please its just killing the fun out of this game tbh. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Build doors or shields or use said items
3.seeing fires and lava through shield and doors
4.banging head against wall outta fustration

This is happening here too. I’ve tried everything, but still’s there. Just happening in this game.

This seems to be specific to AMD cards with recent drivers, although also specific to CE, not to other games. Radeon driver version 18.4.1 does not have this issue.

I was able to solved the problem. Apparently, my graphic cards was instaling serveral drives in my pc.


Not solved. Still bugged. It’s an amd graphic card.

Please describe in detail what you did to resolve the issue so the rest of us can fix it as well

Also have this issue, also have an AMD card. I will try reverting to the previous driver update and see if it is fixed

EDIT: reverting radeon drivers from the latest (a new optional update, 18.6.1) to the previous update (18.5.1) has solved this issue for me.

The game also loads much faster than before I did this.