AMD Radeon settings that helped transparency bug a little

So I decided to play around with the settings to try and fix the motion blur and char pixelation. It fixed some of the trees and rocks from being totally transparent against the sky. The furnace fire effect still bleeds through the sides and treetops in the highlands flicker when you move and it is raining. But this is an improvement. Here is a SS if anyone wants to try it.

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Never mind. Just took a trip to the swungle and everything there is transparent. Tree leaves, non-harvestable foliage and even panthers.

Thanks for trying. I have found that such tweaks only work temporarily. Not sure where to go from here. This was definitely introduded with the “big fix” patch.

Hi, i have the same bug and i don’t know what to do ?? :frowning_face::sob:
Are we the first to report it or is Funcom already working on this bug ?

It has apparently been around for a while but I only saw it since the big bug fix patch a few days ago. All I saw before that was the coals of fires being seen through the walls or structures.

I should think we should report it to funcom along with graphic card specs and screenshots. I will also report it to AMD devs. I’m sure it has already been reported but we should do so anyway.

Roll back your drivers to a older one you dont get this anymore

That’s not exactly an optimal fix as we might have other games we want to play that work better with the newer drivers. One cannot put off updating graphics drivers indefinitely.

I will try this tomorrow. For reference, those who want to roll back, 18.4.1 is apparently the release that doesn’t have this problem.

The furnace fire (and hanging brazier fire, and maybe other fires as well) being visible through structures is a separate issue than the transparent trees, rocks and scrubs.

The first was there before the big patch, the latter is new since the big patch and is triggered by opening the character inventory, and is temporarily fixed by tabbing to the character stats tab and then closing it.


18.4.1 have this problem as well, since that is what I’m using atm. and same issues.

Duly noted, I was going by other comments elsewhere.

As far as i know 18.4.1 does not solve the new bug where trees, rocks etc are transparent after having opened the char inventory or the map.
But it does solve certain fires from being visible through structures.

according to this post 18.3.2 are ok.

I went to the AMD forums and someone posted about this yesterday but the mods there wanted more info. I dumped everything I could in a reply so lets see if we get some kind of help from them??

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It would be helpful if you link the post, so more of us having the issue can chime in without having to find it through google :slight_smile:

I can confirm that 18.3.2 does in fact eliminate the problem.

That would have been nice of me huh?? lol

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Ive joined that one ^^

Same problem here, fires bleed through textures. Interactables are transparent against the sky and some stuff flickers when raining.

Didn’t know this was an AMD issue, but I do indeed have a Radeon GPU.

The fires glowing thru walls is a separate issue, apparently. The destructable objects being transparent against the sky appears to be new, introduced in the big bug fix patch last week, and only affecting AMD cards. It can be fixed by rolling back to driver 18.3.2, but this is not a very desirable solution, hopefully funcom will fix this soon.

Soon, :smiley: :smiley: Like the dead in the ground, are you thinking of such speed?