Fire N Blood 2- NEW SERVER, PVP, RP (not forced), EVENTS 10/10/2018

Fire n Blood server #2

Server Information & rules:

Under PvP servers

ip for Direct connect:

Rules: MUST BE 18+ .Building in the volcano is off limits, you can build around the outside of the Volcano as long as you are not blocking other players from getting in. No building around or blocking the Obelisks. No building in Major cities or towns. Admins Will Build in towns & Cities to help the Community. Admins will also place torches and build Bridges. If you build there Admins will give you a warning and you will be asked to move. You will have 24 hours after an admin Notifies you to get everything moved. If it is not moved after that 24 hours an admin will be in to remove it for you (No you will not get your stuff back). The admin Clan is Fire N Blood. The admins base is located at The Great Dam, where there is a village, trading Stations (due to the mod we have), Pub to get yummy drinks :D, Dancer Thalls do not attack unless there is a fighting thrall near by, or you attack someone within that clan, There will also be a community map room, and Much more. The Great Dam is a no raiding no pvp zone; However, you guys are welcome to fist fight or pvp as long as both parties agree to it (be sure to place a bedroll!).

MODS must be in order for you to join the server!


Admin uses Twitch come watch as we build our castle and village for the players!

Server settings have been played with to make our server much more Challenging. You will have to use skill and you will have to slow down and think before running into a bunch of npcs. NPCs take less Damage from you, NPCs will do way more damage to you, Players will Receive more Damage from NPCS and players. Foods will not spoil as fast. If you would like to know anything else about our server please get in contact with FireAshes!

Fun server with fun people also. Challenging is good you wont get bored easy! Admins are very helpful and understanding. Come Join us and have fun!