[PC] Fire N Blood Wipe11/26/2018 PvP event coming soon Winner gets DLC their choice

Fire N Blood wiped 11/26/2018



  1. Building in the volcano is off limits
  2. No building around or blocking the Obelisks.
  3. No building in Major cities or towns.
  4. No building around bosses or Dungeons.
  5. No pvping or raiding admins things at The Great Dam… Coords are 10-G
  6. No camping players that may be at The Great Dam. Admin may port your booty out to the start.
  7. NO Disrespecting ADMINS. If there is an issue, or you don’t like how we are doing things bring it to our PMs.
  8. No Killing ADMINS… Like, hells naw lol. You may not like what we do to you if you do kill an admin. We will not raid players & we won’t pvp. However, We will make an exception to killing players that kill us, or we may throw your booty in jail… Thinking about breaking out of jail? Maybe commiting suicide to get out? That’s fine, but you will lose 20 levels. Oh yes we can :slight_smile:
  9. No building around or blocking emotes & recipes.
  10. Anything owned by Fire N Blood is Admin. No destroying anything under the Admin clan. If we have placed something, but it’s in a spot where you wanted to build hit us up and we can work something out :D.
  11. Age 18+ No kids please >.< Sorry little ones I do love ya guys, but it’s a handful just babysitting the adults lol… <3
  12. Base Limit for Clans is 3 and 1 small shop to sell your items to players using thespian (can be bought at the dam) No exceptions!!!
  13. Clans or players that have not logged in over a month will get bases deleted out. If you come to an admin & let us know that you need like a 3 month break, but would like to keep your base, we will not delete it out. You have to keep us informed tho!
  14. Do not logout In the great Dam area with your pet/thrall. This is supposed to be a safe area for players, and the pet/thrall will be removed (Killed by admin). You will not get it back.

server Info:
We have built a community area for players.This will be located at The Great Dam. We have also placed map rooms near Obelisks to make travel better for players. The Great Dam area is a no pvp, and no raid zone. You will earn wallet gold and silver as you play. You will be able to spend this wallet money at the Dam with shops that we built. If you do run into a player, and you both want to duel to the death that is cool… As long as both parties agree. There will be a community map room placed in one of the castle towers (once that is built, however there is one placed at the dam till the castle is built) for players to use. Server settings have been played with to make our server much more Challenging. You will have to use skill, and you will have to slow down & think before running into a bunch of npcs. NPCs take less Damage from you, NPCs will do way more damage to you, Players will Receive more Damage from NPCS and players. Spoil timer has been played with, so Foods will not spoil as fast. We also have an Arena built where players can fight to the death, and earn rewards for pvp events. I welcome RP, another reason for the spot at the Great Dam. However, RP is not forced and I do not want others forced into RP. There will Be a jail for players that want to break rules. You will have to stay online and do your time. If you break out, or kill yourself to get out we will drop you 20 lvls. If you contiue to be bad you will just get ban. We have 0 tolerance for toxic ppl on the server. I get Trolling around a little, or jokes ha ha hee hee… but don’t take stuff to the next level. Be mindful of others. Changes can happen to the server we are very open to players Opinions, thoughts and feelings. We will hold xp events, arena events, treasure hunt events and more.

Cooking Thralls are a little bit faster.
Days last longer.
Player Idle Thirst & Hunger Cut in Half.
Harvest Multiplier x2
No Building Decay.
Normal xp gain for the server is x3
Base raiding is restricted to weekends only (could change depending on what the server wants).

Mods must be in order for you to join!

WE HAVE DISCORD! https://discord.gg/eMbAuKk This Discord is used for not only Conan, but Ark servers we run too. Plus we like to chit-chat. Events will be posted here, updates and whatever else.

Very good server, exceedingly helpful admins, and great community, definitely one worth trying out. Personally I may not be on the most, but I definitely enjoy the server whenever I am on.

I was ready to quit playing Conan until i came across this server. Has a great community, the atmosphere is awesome, Admins are very helpful, and there almost always some kind of event going on which for me definitely helps break the monotony. The player created shops are very beneficial without being to over powered. I would definitely would recommend this server.

Fun server with a hard working Admin. Admin also does things with players and is well in tune with the players…not just stalk from the shadows. Community has been toxic free in my time there so far and also has some good activities. Love the no PVP player zone also made by admin where you can shop til you drop from being overweighted OR just get completed wasted on ale and go wrestle a bear! Those drinks will put some hair on your chest…drink with caution ladies.

I tried quite a few servers trying to find the right mix of settings/difficulty, mod selection, and atmosphere (no enforced rp please) and the admins here have done a great job building a challenging and rewarding environment. The admins also know how to play but don’t misuse their admin buttons (no really I crafted this AoC armor a week after we installed the mod!)

There is a solid player base that are a blast to play with and they also care about making the server a fun place to be.

If you are looking for a CE home then give it a shot.