Fire sound keeps playing after fire being stopped

Game mode: Single-Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe
Mods?: NO
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Fire crackling sounds from campfire, large campfire and furnace keeps playing after fire being stopped. Another issue regarding the fire is that the crackling sounds start only when something is being made (when cooking something, when smelting iron etc.) - instead of starting when burning the fuel.

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Craft a campfire/large campfire/furnace and place it
  2. Open the constructed building and put fuel inside (wood/coal/dry wood)
  3. Click play (no fire sound)
  4. Click stop burning
  5. For a campfire, put anything raw food for cooking (fish). For a furnace put 10 stones (or iron).
  6. Click play again (the fire sounds trigger)
  7. Click stop burning (the fire sounds continues and never stops)
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maybe related so adding to this:

The sounds of moving stone walls and chamber doors in some dungeons also exhibit this behavior. Specifically the Fiend Vault in the east on the Siptah map. to recreate that, pull the levers that open the chambers is all one must do. The sound loops forever - or until the timer kicks you out of the dungeon 30min later.

I have noticed this as well.

But you know what? It’s one of those glitches that I kind of like LOL! It’s nice to hear the fire crackling away, without having your stash of wood depleting.

But yes, it does carry on sounding as though the wood is burning. This game is so cool, with all the little nuances and common-sense approach to things, (like taking a water skin to a well or river and filling it up)… and it all actually working. It’s so great.

I really love the crackling sound of the campfire too. It’s a lovely sound file, but it does sound bugged. However, just an observation, not a suggestion: If one exits the game and logs back in, it resets back to silent while not in use, as intended. But use the fire, everything works fine, and then click “STOP” in the UI of the campfire and yep - you can still hear the fire sound crackling away, even when you exit the UI and stand back.

Like I say, even though I actually like the sound of it, I am just confirming this is ‘a thing’.


  1. try out the idea of constant ambient sounds to have emanating from interactive objects, such as the camp fire/stove/bonfire, (crackling embers), The tannery, (water glugging, gently splish-splashing in the barrels), Compost heap, (could have insects buzzing around it with a sound file audible when player enters a proximity radius).

  2. Look at why the sound file continues to play and does not stop when player exits the interactive UI. See if there is a gap in the algorithm that fails to stop the sound from playing when the operation of ‘cooking’ is stopped by the player.

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