Firebowl Cauldron no longer needs fuel

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Title says it: Firebowl Cauldron no longer needs fuel

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1.Put items in firebowl cauldron
2.Choose item to create
3.Click play button to start up the process
4.No fuel needed

Think they said this is intentonal , but it makes no sense to me either…

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Intentional design change.

reduced hp door to 25K tier 3
reduced cost for doing bomb, 25 steel fire for 1 bomb with alch 4
no more fuel need for alchemist workstations.

let wipe the map this is the intention. no more point to build anybase if you cannot be online full time during raid hour.

only defensive base you can do is on top of pillar or tree with god shield active. no point to spend any ressources in any other kind of base.

in my opinion this game play change are not in good direction and have totally broke the balance betwen attacker/defendrer and reduce the gameplay possibiliy for defensive base on pvp.


Intentional? Wow. That’s stupid.

Today I killed crock mini-boss near the Noob river. Not this giant nightmare living near the lake but a less one spawning instead of regular crocks. I am 30 lvl and I died only once and then killed it with steel arrows from above. I’ve got MORE THAN 60 Demon Blood from it. One could blow up the whole map with such cheap explosives I think.

Funcom ruinin the game with this 25.000 door and halfed explosive jar costs. The fact that they dont see it and reverse the change is really frustrating

well probably they do not play a lot to their game, because to do this error of game balancing…

Yeah, they are more interested on making their new conan game than actually fixing and making good decisions on exiles…

Closed per flag request since it has been answered.