Firespark81 Back to basics guide

I have used his videos as learning tools for 2 years now. His stats are right on always. After watching the first 5 videos in the series. I have to warn new players NOT to use these guides. Everything else he does is 100% best on you tube.

He admits in every video he has not played from the start in years, and it shows.
After watching these videos, and seeing the problems he is having after playing for 2 years. Can you imagine that noobs are going to watch this and be dismayed.
The ONLY reason I made this video is to have everyone else who has made many toons and played thru, to watch them and tell me Im wrong. (fanboys not included)
Then try his method, VS your own, and post your results.

Once again our favorite content maker. His Friday random game videos are funny and informative.
This is not a bash on him. I just want others to tell him he is barking up the wrong tree with this series.

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And now I really have to go watch those vids :laughing:

EDIT: Yeah, okay, unless it gets significantly better later, you’re totally right. Not gonna spend more time checking, though.

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Firespark81 gives some very interesting ideas in such videos. Recently I’ve started a new SP with 1x rates, gathered some gold coins and bought a Fighter and a couple of Alchemists in the Pirate Bay. I’ve got quite a decent middle-levelling T3 Fighter who helped me a lot. In my previous SP I’ve settled near Sepermeru and spent my first 20 levels collecting chests and killing some Gazelles for food meanwhile. It worked too - when I’ve hit lvl 20 and moved back to the Newbie river to get some Thralls I already had more than enough Thick Leather and Steel Bars not speaking of all the other good things from those chests.

I agree with this. But maybe they are ok for the sort of player who just wants to power play to end level as soon as they can. I’ve met more ‘power levellers’ in my time on Conan than those that want to enjoy the game and fully explore what’s on offer. These players tend to hit 60 within a couple of days; constantly ask for handouts; never adventure anywhere but where they’ve seen on a video and pretty much follow the same formula as they’ve seen on youtube. They level fast, miss tonnes of content and are gone after a week or 2. They all tend to find it boring and pointless after they reach 60. But you can see why, if you haven’t worked to achieve something, it is meaningless in the end.

Back to the video, I was appalled thinking that this would be some players experience with this game. It deserves more credit than is shown in the videos. I usually enjoy Firesparks videos, but this was more about completing the game fast rather than enjoying the game for a long time.


I think the problem with even casual fans, is that unless you know how easy it is to get to level 60, and how much of the content is not needed for the survival part, you can’t artificially slow yourself down.

What i mean is sometimes knowing that the game is actually easy after a certain level (30+), then they can decide to slow themselves down artificially. Like don’t use high level thralls, purposely stay in one area while you grind up, fight bosses solo no thrall, etc. otherwise many a player has accidentally maxed level in less than 24 hours, esp on official PVP.

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I am not trying to suggest playing slow is bad, but the antiquated leveling system pushes any RPG type player to level quickly, which makes the game easy.

I have been, and will be, a proponent of removing the xp leveling for stats and recipes tiers, in lieu of having recipes scattered about the lands for the perks, all recipes past iron, and any improved or T3 building object sans building pieces. To me, this would be more of a survival game, by learning the areas, what recipes they offer, etc. Right now, i can go straight to jungle as a noob, and once i see the xp i gain killing a few apes, would drive to get to max so I could unlock the grayed out recipes, and could build and play as i want (sandbox) vs struggling on purpose just to make the game last longer.


Being we always start under the Sentinels. Build a cool house in the river.

Dang level 15-20 and have food, armor and weapons, all made in the house.
Level 30 in 2-4 hours is easy. We have not even left the river yet.
Next to Set City to build the second base.

and in no time (6-8 hours) You are level 60.

(disclaimer: This is both Myself, and Mrs, Mrs Jones. Whom is the best gatherer Ive ever known. She have been doing it since SWG)
So we gather faster than a single player.


I am sorry but I find most of his video’s are aimed at how to cheese though the game, the easiest way to do every thing, not about trying to be a better player or learn the skill to beat a certain boss or thrall. I think you lose the adventure when you only try to level as fast as you can, you miss some of the really fun things that are really only fun when you are at a low level and have to really work to get though a cave with lower tier gear and weapons.

He said he only has one mod Pippi, why have any other, you can spawn thralls, rebuild them to suit you, you can use the home and port anywhere and back, no need to run to the jungle and of course he did not show him running to these places. He shows you start and end , There are many youtubers out there that show you the grind the work towards every recipe or armor and show you the battle with the bosses, real battles not how to cheese though them using exploits. I can only hope new players find those and not the ones like these filled with exploits on how to run though the game on a speed run using all the things to make it so easy.

This game is suppose to be hard, I just started a new play though and after 2 weeks I am finally level 50, have a few crafters and one named Alchemist. Its a shame to miss the fun of the early levels by cheesing and not learning as you play. So much to find if you take your time and look, so many little secrets hidden but you can not find them if you are running as fast as you can to level to level 60 over night.


So very true that building will level you faster then battle any day.

Two words: journey steps. That’s why I don’t run to the jungle when I create a new character. If you run west to the Skulker’s End, then through the Unnamed City, then to Sepermeru, then north through the Crown Grove into the Mounds, then east to New Asagarth, you can get a ton of experience from various journey steps and attune half of the obelisks in one fell swoop. Then swing down through the savanna, across the Sinkhole and into the swamp and jungle, where you can visit the Black Garden and the Witch Queen’s Palace.

You end up with quite a few levels under your belt and all the obelisks attuned except those in the extreme temperatures. Heck, you can even get those if you’re willing to run around naked with just a bedroll and die a lot.


The reason i head to jungle and power level is i am on PVP officials. I skin the hides to start the tar making form the apes, as well as start thralling for armorer and and grabb gold coins and lotto the alchemist 4, maybe break a Beast Tamer T so itis off wheel by the time i I hit level 60, and start legendary mining.

First 24 hours is about 8 hours of leveling, and 16 hours of dead crafting time (tar and thrall taming). But again, i am on PVP where getting up and running is the first thing you need to do asap.

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Cept this is a PvE thread

That is something Funcom certainly did not manage to accomplish

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If you are new and <lvl60, it aint easy. If you know the full mechanics (thralls and where to get strong T4, how to fast lvl, where to make a base, get resources, etc), then yeah, its easy.

But thats probably with every game. A guy played Dark souls with the donkey kong bongos… And that game is supposed to be “difficult”.


Even without thralls, there is barely anything in this game that is actually hard. Talking about PvE.

Like I said, it is for the first time… I still see naked low lvl people running away from rocknoses. At the beginning nearly everything can kill you.

And worldbosses are still hard to deal with (or need a long time) without thralls.

Yeah, other games are even harder or have scarier parts (like the Forest or Dont starve), but the building system is quite nice. Also the enslaving system in general. Which is one of the points, which makes this game easiere compared to others!

I really want to try out Raft :wink: Subnautico also looks nice.

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Yeah sure. I also don’t really mind the game being easy bc then I can focus on the pvp aspect more

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