Carnage and Destroyer

So I’m not sure how many people still want this info. When Warmakers dungeon came out there was a lot of discussion around the weapons from the Warmakers Champion. Carnage and The Destroyer both dole out a heavy amount of corruption and are unusable for a thrall, or so we all thought. Since I would rather talk then type I’m attaching videos to this. Between the 2 videos you’ll see how you and your thrall are able to use them.

I don’t normally post my videos to the forums unless requested. So I have attached a poll to help me decide on doing it in the future.

  • Post videos here.
  • Don’t post videos here.
  • I don’t care do what you want.

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You’re doing a great service for the community!
If anything I think your videos should not only be uploaded here, but also featured!

Nearly every other Youtuber currently just panders to the negative side of reddit/CE forums.
For us that don’t share those views, your videos are a breath of fresh air.

Good luck with your ideas for future content, I’m sure you will bring the same qualities to other games too.

P.s. Even a hardened exile like me, can learn a thing or two. :grin:


I think the beauty of CE is that there is so much to learn that you can always learn from someone else.


Information is always useful. It can be pretty hard to find useful information on game features, because there’s very little in-game that’s useful, so people like you who researches things and shares their findings are extremely valuable for the community. Please share as much as you like. Your videos are super helpful - they’re compact and bite-sized and to the point.

(Oh, and I took one look at the picture in the beginning of your video and guessed what your secret was. Yay, I’m so clever!)


Why are they blocked?

Nice videos thank you … my question is how did you get 2 thralls to follow you?

Trying to watch the video again to see if I saw that correctly but it won’t let me watch it again for some unknown reason

Ok that was you and your friends thralls lol

Yeah you’re correct there were 2 of us with thralls.

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