First transfert done on official pvp pc, bug with obelisk (all losts)

Here is my feedback :

I respawn in midnight grove, character can not move. I have to quit and join again the server 2 times to move.
→ respawn in the desert will be better.
→ bug character can not move.

You have to get with you another warpaint and encumbrance potion (effects are lost).

Bug all obelisks are lost, so you have to take with you first water, food and potions to go to your location.
And you are an easy target running the entire server with your bearerpack on the head …
It is better to transfer when the server is empty.

If you already have a character on the target server, then hit recreate character, and at the screen male/female exit the game. Then you can transfer your other server character to this new server.

So all is ok exept obelisk losts :slight_smile:


Hi @Selene01 and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

We’ve passed all this information over to the rest of the team as we are always working on improving Conan Exiles.

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