[Fixed] PVE Server 3505 is broken after latest update

Game mode: [Online PVE ]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [America]

  1. Your character will ignore any player made structures and walk right past them with the potential of getting stuck inside foundations. You also cant open any chests or use any crafting benches, read books, etc…
  2. No enemies in the world can damage you, but you can damage them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Walk towards any player made structure and you will go right through it, getting stuck inside foundations.
  2. Attack any world enemy. None of their attacks will harm you.
  3. Interacting with any books, benches or chests will not work.

Damn we are still suffering from this? I was hoping to play today

I play on this server and have been having the exact same issues. Lag has been since day one, but the “ghosting” only occurred after the most recent hot fix.