Flawless Lemurian Warrior Armor not giving 2 bars cold protection?

Is this right? I thought all flawless bumped the cold/heat protect up to 2 bars??

Not anymore … With the latest update (wine cellar; derketo dlc) almost all non dlc armors changed to 1 temperature protection. I used to have dafari for the volcano but not anymore …

I’m not sure whether this latest patch has changed it too much but I always thought to get the double temp resistance you need to craft it as epic

Edit- hang on a minute. Lemurian can only be epic so there goes that theory.

In the CEWiki the Lemurian Warrior gives 1 temp resistance for base epic version, 2 for exceptional epic and 3 for Flawless epic. Same as Lemurian Royal.
I didn’t check all armours, but DLCs’ armours give +6 Temps resistance for the Flawless epic version. That’s a lot better.

yes, but I crafted the epic flawless and only have 1 bar. must be bugged.

I’ve worn FE Lemurian Warrior armor as my main set for a good year now, and it’s always had lesser cold-resistance than other sets. That’s part of the reason it’s in my daily wardrobe actually — it doesn’t overheat my character when in the desert.

Yep ever since the last DLC all epic flawless vanilla game armors (learned in feats and in dungeons) except for the silent legion all have a bug where they only register as one bar of protection. Even when they are made by their specific armorer. I have Fia and when I crafted the epic flawless Lemurian it showed as one bar. I also have the named armorer for epic flawless Kambujan and Hyena and both show as one bar of protection. Best thing to do until they fix this is to craft any of the epic flawless DLC armors or the silent legion. Funcom please fix this on the PC!

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Which was changed some patches ago…

  • DLC Armors should no longer differ from basegame armors in terms of amount of temperature protection.

And got bugged again with Derketo… The Derketo patch had more bugs, than new things added :smiley: :smiley:

If you are a non dlc using player, you can unlock the armour of aesir at the mounds of the dead. This armour can then be made in the frost temple, its a medium armour that will give 2 bars of cold resistance per piece.

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