Kambujan epic flawless armor only shows as one bar of cold protection

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Kambujan shaman armor-epic flawless version only displays as one bar of cold protection, same as regular and exceptional versions. Shouldnt it be at least two?
I just found after many attempts Llarn Steeltoe the named armorer that can create the epic flawless set and had him craft it on the improved armorers bench only to see when it was finished that the cold resistance was meh for this level of armor. All my other epic flawless sets have 2 bars of resistance…

Yes it’s a known issue. I think they said the armor values are correct, but for some reason the UI shows differently.

Armor cold protection is not correct, wearing Epic Flawless armor made after the Derketo DLC player will take cold damage in the frost giant temple from just being there without being hit by the frost giants.
Wearing Epic Flawless armor made before the Derketo DLC there will not be cold damage from just being there.

It is more than just and interface issue.

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Yes it appears so. Armor crafted before the patch seems unaffected.


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s been fixed on Testlive. It’ll come out in the next live patch.

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Thank you very much!

Will I need to remake this set after the patch goes live or will it fix all armors affected by this bug? My epic flawless hyena armor is also only registering as one bar. All the DLC epic flawless armors seem to be unaffected. Also just noticed that my epic flawless Bear Shaman and Assassin armor switched back to heat resist from cold today…

It is possible that after a patch that altered stats, older items retain the prepatch values.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Ok thank you again-Hope the patch comes out soon!

Still no change in this armor -remade today and epic flawless still shows 1 bar protection even with specific named armorer . Same goes for hyena that he can make as well.

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Thanks for letting us know. We’ll poke our team about it so they can look into it.

Thank you!

Also FYI the epic flawless Darfari armor is only registering as one bar of heat protection. I am heading out to track down Fia and see if the lemurian armor is lacking. Haven’t been able to track down most of the other named armorers/epic set specific creators yet.


Thanks, relaying that to our team as well.

I have Fia, Grr Legbiter, Werk of the Lost Tribe, Zorah of the Marshes, along with 4 other named armors all Epic Flawless armor they can make has only one bar heat and cold protection with the exception of DLC armor. All Epic FLawless DLC armor comes with two bars protection with non DLC Epic FLawless come with one bar. When one goes into the Frost Giant temple or the volcano it can be clearly seen non DLC armor only offers one bar of either heat or cold resistance.


2 patches ago or sth, this should have been fixed…

So that non DLC armors have the same protection as DLC…
And prior the winemaker patch it kinda was like that… at least no one reported sth different…

Edit: Found the patch:

  • DLC Armors should no longer differ from basegame armors in terms of amount of temperature protection.

And this wasnt a nerf to DLC armors. But a buff to non-DLC.

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