Flawless armor glitch on PS4 no.2 bar elemental resistant

Game mode: [Online | official servers multiplayer

Problem: Bug , improved armory station and flawless armor crafting
Region: US

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this is concerning flawless armor making on improved armor bench and how it does not give you two bars in elemental resistance I have a tier 4 Master armorer Fia)
I have done everything I known to do to create the lemurion warrior to bar Frost resistance
I have seen other players with this same sets using the exact same gear I am trying to make and it has two bars in the elemental resistance but yet on a PS4 I cannot craft it at all
I have tried every crafting style including all DLCs and it does not work it is no different than the normal armory bench

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a improved armory bench with a tear for master armorer (I am using Fia)
  2. Craft The lending and the materials needed
  3. Make flawless armor make sure it’s outlined with gold
  4. The problem is using this station you do not gets two bar elemental resistance even DLC armor

Sorry you mention gold outline but for improved stats shouldn’t it be epic flawless with purple outline. I can test it a bit later and report back.

Make sure you are making it in the top section of the improved armor bench.
When a t3/t4 is on the station, their are 2 “pages”. Top for epic flawless, and bottom for just epic. When you get in the station, it defaults to the first block of the bottom page, so you must scroll up or the epic flawless recipes avaialble. That is all i got :confused:

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Alright, did some tests. I see what you mean with the golden outline.

However, as you would see in the below list, the epic flawless (golden outline) armors offer better stats/armor but not necessarily more resistances per piece. There are of course a few exceptions to the rule as always.

Epic Flawless Lemurian - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Kambujan - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Vanir - 2 cold bars / Regular Flawless Vanir - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Hyrkanian - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Cimmerian - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Reptilian - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Hyena Fur - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Zamorian Thief - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Zingaran Freebooter - 1 cold bar
Arena Champion’s - 2 cold bars
Godbreaker - 3 cold bars
Rusted Armor - 3 cold bars / the rest of the parts 2 cold bars
Pride of Aesir - 2 cold bars

Epic Flawless Khitan - 2 cold bars / Regular Flawless Khitan - 1 cold bar
Epic Flawless Turanian - 2 cold bars / Regular Flawless Turanian - 1 cold bar

Legendary Drop:
Commander’s Helm - 1 cold bar
Dragonscale Helm - 5 cold bars
Legacy of the Nordheimers Helmet - 4 cold bars
Scorpion Helm - 1 cold bar
War Mammoth Boots - 1 cold bar
Solspeil Shield - 5 cold bars


In most cold areas Epic Flawless Lemurian keeps me “Cold” (without 2nd perk of vitality) or “Cold” / “Soothing” (with 2nd perk of vitality) and a full set gives me 4 cold bars:

What you will notice though is when I equipped Regular (not flawless) Lemurian gear, even though each part only gives 1 bar cold resistance same as the epic flawless version, you will only get 2 cold bars for the full set instead of 4 in my previous screenshots:

Another example is Epic Flawless Hyena Fur Set (1 bar per piece up to 4 bars in total) vs Flawless Hyena Fur Set (1 bar per piece up to 2 bars in total):

If you equip 1-4 regular flawless pieces, you get 1 cold bar in total. When you equip the 5th you get the 2nd bar.
If you equip 1 epic flawless piece, you get 1 cold bar, 2 epic flawless pieces - 2 cold bars, 3 or 4 epic flawless pieces - 3 cold bars, the 5th piece gives the 4th cold bar.

One last edit regarding how to obtain a lot of cold protection without much effort. Vanir Sets (which you get as drops by killing Nordheimers) give up to 3 bars cold resistance with a full set equipped even with the regular non-epic non-flawless version. The crafted flawless version (epic or non-epic) provides up to 5 bars for a full set.

The system turns out to be a bit more complicated than I thought initially. Sorry for the multiple edits but I hope this gives you a better idea how it all works.


It is only giving me the gold outline at the top I am checking it now

Yeah I don’t have the option in my crafting benches where you mentioned about the purple outline

Have you unlocked the Exile Epics feat:


Hello @Sky, thank you for reaching out!

Are you having issues crafting a specific armor set?

If the issue is regarding its temperature stats instead, could you try testing the armor you crafted outside of your base, without being sheltered, as it will affect the Temperature Resistance stats?

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