Fly mode NOT Working!😱

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Denmark]

[I dont understand why i cant fly, Is it only Me?]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Activate Make Me Admin
  2. Go to Admin panel
  3. Look in Other Commands
  4. Then click on fly

No it’s not only you, this bug has been mentioned several times.
I’ve checked if the bug was fixed with the new patch just now, but it’s not fixed yet.


It sad becurse it’s Nice to build with, if you know somthing new about it, plzzz type to Me :blush:

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Personally I would just have liked to use it to take a screenshot of my buildings from the sky.
Sadly, I don’t know any details about the bug or when and if the devs are going to fix it, I would also appreciate any new information anyone could provide about it.


Yeah it’s happening to me aswell, not even ghost mode works.

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It looks like its single player, tested on my Private server and you can fly there. Tried single player and no joy.


I see… so it’s a single player bug then, thanks for testing that.
And just for the record; I am experiencing this issue on single player, I haven’t been playing on-line at all.


Thanks for the report and information, all! Forwarded this to the developers so they can check this and get it looked into. Sorry for any trouble regarding that!


Fly mode still not fixed on ps4 Conan why?

Are you ever going 2 respond on fly mode for conan on ps4? Smh


So 21 days ago, we got an answer about fly mode not working in offline single player, that it’s looked into.

Any news and/or update regarding a fix for that? We’d also like to build some impossibly cool looking structures as well.

A little acknowledgement for this issue from @Tascha? Or someone? Please?

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I’ll check back with the team :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Yep but they are ready 2 throw out a dlc tho lol smh

If they throw another DLC in the mix AND they also fix flying mode I will be a happy man :smile:

I here that brother i feel the same way

The new patch is out on ps4 and fly mode is still not working what’s the problem please respond with a real answer and not half ■■■ i feel like you are trying 2 avoid the question thank you

I love your game but with all the problems I’m done with conan your not really fixing anything the new patch was bad did not see any improvements r.i.p conan a nother disappointment smh

bumping to keep active :slight_smile:

I think they Will never fix this on consoles… they never replied to any post regarding this problem.