Fly mode on ps4

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Region: North America

I was just wondering if the flying problem is going to get patched soon, I like to build bases on the side of mountains and it’s really hard to do on the ground.

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This topic 3 times in few hours… >_<

Its been noted, and listed on trello board to be done (or not on live servers just yet)

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I have been able to fly. sometimes i have to activate it twice. PS4 normal system. Private online server. Never tried it on SP/CoOp though.

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It has been addressed, but sometimes if you spam click the fly button it will work. Obviously your cue is wait for the screen to pan out a bit.

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After double checking, Fly and ghost don’t work for me. Thou I stick SP till patch land claim online.

Oof. Well I am pretty certain they stated that the “Fly Bug” is being looked at. Unless of course they meant their office has flies and bugs, which in that case, double oof.

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I lost the link to ignasis post about it. Its ether fixed internally, and waiting go to live, or its rated up on trello board and coming up. I forget. XD

I tried searching for it…and got bored after 5mins. It was yesterday to…LOL