FML - Another game breaking bug - "Falling" over replaced elements

Game mode: PVP - C : (Online official)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PVE - C
Region: EU

[Describe the bug here]
So this is another game breaking bug. Guys honestly - before releasing another DLC and trying to get even more money for a bug infested game, please focus on solving existing BUGs ! A lot of my friends already quit this game as there are too many bugs !
Ok… I was trying to walk across the floor of my renewed building. I found that on the “renewed” foundations or ceilings, once i walk over it - my character starts “falling”. At least it seems like it would fall, I have this problem only over elements which i REPLACED.
So I did not tear down my T1 foundation, i just replaced the T1 with T2 - now everytime I walk over it, i “FALL” over it. This leads to some serious trouble. Once you connect for instance a fence to this foundation or ceiling, you cannot remove it anymore by clicking “E” and dissassembling - the menu just would not show up - you can only replace this fence with another one.

Guys !!! I am really trying to be of help and be a bug hunter, but it seems you are strictly not capable of solving these bugs. It just keeps getting more and more bugs, the more content you add !

PS: I found that not all of the elements I replaced have this problem. I’d say it is around 10% of the elements I replaced with T2/T3.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. replace T1 with T2
  2. Walk over this T2 element
  3. You will see a “falling” character - unable to trigger any actions
  4. Place a fence attached to this element
  5. Try to remove this fence
  6. Not possible
  7. replacing however these fences - works
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It’s an old and known bug ( it’s tied to the size of your base more than the replacing from T1 to T2 ) I had this bug even on sandstone , this bug only appears on log in , if you go out of rendering distance and come back , all will be fine again , it’s anoying , but not game breaking since it only shows a wrong animation , and is easily solved by going out of rendering distance ( I am not saying they shouldn’t fix it , just that there are more game breaking bugs , than this one ) also if you wait a couple of seconds that your base render before moving ( on log in ) you will have a lot less occurances of said bug :wink:

Gentlemen, thanks for your feedback. But I am not a customer who wants to work around a mistake in the game. This is something which is game breaking to a paying customer. I wont go out of rendering zone to “fix” this bug. It is funcom’s duty to do this ! It is as if you’d go in to a car garage and the engineer would tell you “oh, sir, we know your dampers are broken, but if you are not going the roads which have a lot of potholes, then you’ll be fine”.
Really appreciate your feedbac, Kanza, but I cannot accept the fact that there is a product i am paying for, which is not working properly, and they won’t be able to fix it.
I mean if it would be only 1 freaking bug in the game - ok… get over it. BUT with every content funcom is adding, they’re adding 3 more bugs. overall, this game is at the edge of earning the award “not playable anymore”.
Shame on the project leader, who is leading this ! If I’d work the way that funcom is working, I’d be jobless in a matter of days…
and the community weirdly seems to find bugs “funny” (flying rhinos) and even encourage funcom not to fix bugs. How awkward is that ?! This fact would deliver plenty of material for psychological scientists…


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Thanks for the constructive part of the feedback.
We’re aware of the issue but given the complexity of its fix and the gameplay impact of it, we’ve decided to focus on other more pressing issues at the moment. Once and if we play to overhaul the building system, we might reevaluate its priority.