Foel trainging issue in Small Pen

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Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Official server#3000 PvE

Bug Description:

Foel training in small pen isue

Bug Reproduction:

So the foel isn’t growing with the fiber placed aswell. The foel shows in the top box to show that its in the pen but it doesn’t show in the bottom box for the training period. I’ve re-placed the small pen and also tried it on a 2nd foel but it’s just not working. There is no issues with the other animal pens. They are training just fine.


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Foals don’t work in an animal pen (large or small). You must use a stable.


There was no stable o.O

Il take another tomorow im currently offline now lol its 2am for me haha. I apologise if im being a clutz…but i swear there was no stable showing when i looked… lol

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It’s a separate knowledge you must learn than the animal pen. If you didn’t unlock it, you won’t see it. Under Thrall Taker, you’ll see Stablemaster. You need to unlock that for 4 points first. Additionally, you need Novice Saddle-maker under Armor to unlock saddles in order to ride the horse. The only exception to this is the Wight Horse unlocked during the chapter 1 sorcery battle pass that didn’t require a saddle.

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Yep i just unlocked it. Thanks you! Feel like an idiot now haha


No please, in this case we all are idiots in here! Thank you for sharing your problem my fellow exile and thank you @jmk1999 for solving it! We are here to help each other, that’s why the forum admins allow us to speak to each other! Feel free to ask anything you wish, no problem is idiotic in here. The game is big and confusing, it’s not easy. All of us still learning in here :+1:t6:

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