Follower always spawns at wrong location

Hello, playing on a private PC server, only one mod, the one that removes building placement restrictions.

We have our main base area, and just recently built a forward base for exploring from and put bedrolls there.

One follower keeps going back to the forward base. We’ve dragged it home several times, but after logging out for a few hours, it always respawns back at the forward base.

Any idea how to make it stay at home base?

A thrall will spawn/return to the last place you told it to stand guard.

If this is not working, your mod is the issue.

Telling a thrall to unfollow you will not change its “home” location. Only placing a thrall with the "Guard option will update its spawn/home point.

That was it!

Told it to stand guard, went to bed and it was where I left it this time.

Thanks very much. :grinning:

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That behavior gets everyone on the first time. I had already accepted the loss of my mysteriously vanished Ionna the Seductress when one day I randomly found her dancing like no-one’s watching in the river canyon south of the Savannah.

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