Follower Management Rescue and Break Bonds

Tested on Solo Testlive game. I believe this limited to solo gameplay, I have not had a chance to test it on a server yet. I will load mine up a little later and report back this details if I see the same issues.

I placed thralls around the map in order to test the Rescue and Break Bonds feature from a distance.

I did some initial testing for the management system. Mainly the options for recall, and break bonds. The post says that you must be in your land claim to use the feature. But it doesn’t say anything about the thrall needing to be in your land claim of near my character. The Distance from your thrall matter in Solo.

Lady of Death is standing in the same claim as I am and I can only interact with her drop down menu.

When I go to a different location you can see that only Bald Dudes Doppleganger is available for the drop down options.

Bald Dude and I are no where near any land claim but it shows he is available to use the features. However it does give me a warning that I am not at my land claim when I try to use the feature.

I’m not sure how this could be fixed to work the same as a “server” should since the world doesn’t fully render in a solo game it is probably what blocks you from rescuing thrall that are across the map.


I am seeing the same thing on my dedicated server. You must be within a certain distance from your thrall to access the menu for Rescue and Break Bonds to appear.

Can anyone test on an official server?

TestLive Single Player

Can confirm that at least on singleplayer, you can’t remotely use any of the options besides the one to display the location of the thrall. The menu with the rescue and break bond only becomes available when you are within rendering distance.

Another issue which, please, someone to re-confirm. A guarding thrall is fighting turtles in J5, my char hasn’t taken any damage (i am in god mod cloaked and out of combat), I am now trying to rescue a thrall in E8 but it seems that I have a global cooldown of 10 mins because of that one thrall fighting turtles.

A can also confirm the report from the general topic that you can’t see all options for the last thralls if you have a longer list:

This answers my question i had about ones i had placed pre patch. It seems it is more of a “LOD” issue/reason. Good stuff guys. Thanks for doing the dirt while i have to be at work :confused:

So that 10 min cooldown after being attacked, not being able to use rescue, it seems to be gone on relog but it could be because when I leave the game, it acts as a server restart for singleplayer. Can someone confirm whether relog can bypass the restriction on a dedicated server too?

Just for info, there seems to be an 1h cooldown between the rescues!? Wonder whether this cooldown is personal.

1 hour cool does not reset when logging out and logging in on a dedicated server.

Cool down is clan related. All clan members share the cooldown.

I was unable to break the 10 minute cooldown from logging out on a dedicated server.

Is this one working the same way for you too on the server though? Put a random thrall to fight some turtles and go save another. Or a clan member fights something, can you rescue anyone?

Sorry I didn’t answer this before.

From my testing it appears that if you do any of the following you have a cool down timer.

  1. Take any damage, falling, fighting, food poisoning. Any damage resets the cool down.

  2. Any of your thralls or yourself engage in combat. Location on the map doesn’t change the cool down in my experience.


Thanks, then with a full clan of 10 and 100 thralls on the map, it might be a difficult task to rescue someone :grin:

This is where Funcom needs feedback.
It seems to me the cool down for rescue is a bit long. They have already built in loss of inventory for exploiting summoning powers to a fight, or cheesing it for insta-loot porting. Also tying it to land claim helps as well. From what i understand a loot bag appears where the thrall was, so if you rescue while it is being attacked, you are almost surrendering the loot it had in PVP, armor and weapon mainly. Those seem sufficient ways to avoid exploiting on a major level. Maybe the cool down should be 1 minute???

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on a fix we’ll push in an upcoming Testlive hotfix.
Thanks for the feedback.

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