New management system followers

Can this new system sort of be abused? if I was raiding someone instead of taking just the 1 follower with me, I can now go setup a little raid base outside their place & rescue 10 of my best thralls which then teleport to me, yes they come naked but you could just carry an have gear ready for them. You have teleport a army around with you using the rescue option, ive only tried with animals atm.

Unless they changed how it works from what I’ve seen on TestLive, there should be a 10 minute cooldown on the use of the rescue command, counting from the moment either you or the follower you’re trying to rescue last took damage. I’m not sure if there’s also a cooldown from when you last used the command.

I’m pretty sure they covered all the bases, but if you can think of another way to abuse it, you should post a suggestion to change the system.

Yea theres like a 45minute cooldown on live when last used command, I was referring to when it was on testlive when it was alot shorter, waiting for clanmates to log in so can test if the command is player or clan linked timer, if theres 5 of you that can each rescue a follower plus the 5 you bring with ya etc.


On topic, hadn’t considered the risk that you could have multiple people doing it to double the available thralls for a group. I guess since they would have to be on guard rather than follow that might minimise the impact…

Edit - Wak4863 tested that clan shares the cooldown timer:

So should be OK…


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