Followers (1 but rarely both) suddenly stop attacker NPC enemies during combat

I switched my Authority perk from one enhanced to two regular followers about two months ago. Since that time I’m having a recurring annoyance where one of the two fighters suddenly STOPS attacking the NPC enemies & just stands idly by. Typically, this lazy jerk nonchalantly puts their weapon on their shoulder & rarely re-engages the attackers, even if hit directly.
So far this has happened with a variety of high quality fighters: berserkers, beast tamers, etc at all levels. I’ve had them stop following & rehire, added them in different order, etc. but nothing seems to eliminate this issue. Sometimes BOTH fighters will rest while I’m stuck with some boss.
I’ve considered the strength/agility & 1 vs 2 handed but my current Accursed Berserker at level 20 is using a 2 handed strength sword BUT constantly slacks off.
Help please.

P.S. I just posted this to the appropriate “bug report” a couple days ago as requested. Then I get another request to post to this “new bug report” template. I have to say, this template is worse than the older one.
Specifically: the drop down menus do not now allow one to pick which platform so it defaults to PC. I was able to change that looking at the headings to PS4 although I’m now on PS5.
And how many fkn times do I have to enter a TITLE?


This happens a lot. Multiple times just last night actually. I was doing Blowback in sepermeru while I had Lianeele following me (level 20, re-rolled perks, full voidforge dragon armor, momentum equipped). She just decided to stop fighting a few times at least during the battle. I kept having to get them to attack her before she’d fight back. It got so bad that I was surrounded and killed. Came back to get my body with another fully leveled and equipped Anja the Dervish to help and noticed Lianeele was just standing there while getting shot with arrows. No thralls died, but still very frustrating. It also didn’t help that the framerate was starting get super choppy towards the end. And yes, I play on PS5.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Would you be able to record a short video better showcasing the issue?

Also, please share the original name of each follower you noticed behaving erratically.

We hope to hear back from you.

I’m not sure how to make a video of this glitch within the game/PS5 (not a streamer) but I’ll try to record via phone. I had hoped my (& other’s) detailed descriptions would be enough.

The stop fighting behavior has happened regularly with many different followers (as I believe was mentioned originally) including: several Accursed Berserkers & Beast Tamers; & at least one Lianelle, Sarnia, & most recently Iekika. It seems to happen regardless of the follower’s level 1-20.

Pattern is consistent: they often throw a couple blows then stop. If carrying a 2 handed weapon, it’s propped on their shoulder while mayhem circulates about them. If they get hit by an NPC they will sometimes attack again, but no guarantee.

Super easy.
Keep the share button pressed on your controller. Choose the option you want. You can save a video from a session you just played. Just choose save last x minutes. The PS5 is always recording your session and keps it until you log out (or the file becomes too big, eventually)
Share. Chose where you want to share it and upload.
Wait until the video is available, choose share (pn YouTube for instance) copy the link and paste it here. Done.

When it happens again, just do the above. I had that bug too.


Thank you MarcosC :pray:t3: Always happy to learn new tips.


Here are 3 recent video clips of my followers not attacking or ceasing to attack in combat vs NPCs. You’ll note in one video vs boss elephant, the inactive follower suddenly becomes alert & ready fight once the NPC is killed. Rather counter-productive? Also vs boss elephant, BOTH followers stop attacking & only re-engage once hit by the NPC.
If I were to guess, it seems the follower I’ve added second is most likely to stop attacking. Perhaps that will help.


He is that kind of guy who hides during the whole fight and only shows up when all is over trying to save face: “where are they, where are they? I’ll take’em all!” :smile:


Hello again,

Thank you for the videos. Can you please confirm what game mode or server number where you recorded these?

We appreciate your assistance.

You’re welcome!

I’m confused as to why you’re asking for the same information I provided on the “new bug report template”?

But here you are:
PvE Siptah official 8080

Also, the thrall named Ambrosia is an Accursed Bersker currently at level 17 & the other is still named Iekika also about level 17.

I know… :roll_eyes: No Xmas bonuses this year.

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Hello again,

Thank you for the additional information. We’ll ask our team to investigate your report.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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