Fighter follower randomly stops attacking


I switched my Authority perk from one enhanced to two regular followers about two months ago. Since that time I’m having a recurring annoyance where one of the two fighters suddenly STOPS attacking the NPC enemies & just stands idly by. Typically, this lazy jerk nonchalantly puts their weapon on their shoulder & rarely re-engages the attackers, even if hit directly.
So far this has happened with a variety of high quality fighters: berserkers, beast tamers, etc at all levels. I’ve had them stop following & rehire, added them in different order, etc. but nothing seems to eliminate this issue. Sometimes BOTH fighters will rest while I’m stuck with some boss.
I’ve considered the strength/agility & 1 vs 2 handed but my current Accursed Berserker at level 20 is using a 2 handed strength sword BUT constantly slacks off.
Help please.


Greetings Catspaw!
Thank you for reporting your situation.

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