Bug companions dont fight

My companions stop attacking enemies after a short time. Only when I log in again do companions attack enemies again. I have already tried to adjust something via behave passively and attack again but it does not work. Play in single player without mods on Xbox. Annoying really in the middle of the fight when companions do nothing

Hello there fellow Exile!

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation.

Does this happen with all followers or just one in specific? This continues to happen if you change behaviours as well?

It has happened with my hyena and a Fighter. Sometimes the bug hits directly, sometimes later. I set the status to passive and after a while to attack. Also a change of the companion brought no success. Only after a restart it works temporarily again.Sometimes my fighter puts away his weapon in the middle of the fight and just stands there.

Thank you in advance

The Hyena has been bugged literally for years… even I have some half a year old report on it :smiley:

As for fighters, they only tend to get this particular bug when they’re equipped with shields… so make sure to take away their shields if you use them… they’re not any good with them anyway as they just randomly raise them up without any context.

Thank you for the information. Too bad the hyena has been bugged for so long. Is this the same problem with other animals?

Ok then I leave out the shield :upside_down_face:

Other animals don’t have it nearly as often.
I have noticed it very rarely with jaguars / tigers / other cats, but very very rarely and a restart usually fixes it for a long time. With hyenas though it’s just constant so it’s not even comparable.

for me most of times if im using 2 followers, i observed it with lian, with two bearers botth acted well, but lians ignore the fight

I’m not sure that’s related Edu, we’re talking about the thrall completely breaking and being unusable until a server restart, not simply not attacking during a fight (which is most likely down to server performance issues and the AI being starved).
When this bug happens the thralls “notice” the fight… they try to actively rotate towards the enemy, but cannot move or actually attack.
I’ve only ever seen this on humanoid thralls when they’re using a shield.

its similar to what i experienced, they got stand still in fight pose like they was about to attack but did nothing. They was using shields and ajas bane, while the bearers was using only a dragon bone axes

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