How to stop followers from attacking


I set my hyena to DO NOTHING. but every time I try to interact with someone in the town a command to attack is given. thats not what I want it to do. I want it to do NOTHING. cuz Im tired of dying and losing everything the follower is carrying. ugh. bug? then there are those times when I can manage to make it STOP attacking and then even though its on follow it will NOT follow. just keeps going right back to the creature I said STOP attacking. this system is really way more complicated than it needs to be. help? please n thank you


Not sure about how it works on pc but on ps4 I go into their wheel and set on don’t attack don’t trust the option that only sometimes even pops up for us. Realize this method is slower but it works. @Peaches

Change you keybind for the follower commands. It’s set to E by default which is the same command to interact with something.


Double click Command button to tell them to stop when following.
Until you give them further command, they should stand still like a trunk.
Even if you leave the area 20km away or for 2 hours, they will still be there.

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Yeah what Wak said - for some reason Funcom default settings for commands are… well, not right / non existent / doubled up / whatever. Go into your keybinds in the settings menu and check them all, play around with them until you find something that works for your play style. Sometimes the AI still derps, normally when there’s a named thrall you’ve never seen and they insist it must die, but it “should” be rare.

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You also can set you hyena’s tactics to STAND AND DEFEND . This way, even if you order attack, the Hyena will stay on a spot and will only start attacking when the enemy gets closer to it.

Oh one additional thing to point out, I believe hyenas are still bugged and will often get stuck frozen and not attacking anything just rotating to face the enemy but never doing anything until a server / game restart.
As such I would not recommend them as pets, usually cats are affected by this to a lesser degree though it can still happen with them too on occasion.

Another thing to note regarding your original issue, NPCs in Conan are NOT interactable unless you see a prompt when hovering over them to interact. Typically only merchants and lore NPCs have this. Any other NPC you look at and you don’t see a prompt you’re going to be giving an attack command to your follower by hitting E, while interactable NPCs like merchants are immune so they can’t be attacked by your followers.
The combination of this makes this not really an issue :slight_smile:


Im on xbox. and am trying to walk the hyena through town. so I do not want it to stay anywhere. just follow. I had set it, I thought, to what I believe is passive. attack nothing. but it still attacked everything. Now I just skirt the town as much as possible and do not try to interact with anyone. cuz where conan is when I went to talk to conan it attacked the dancers. this wheel is not a bad system but it is implemented in a way that IS NOT intuitive or suitable for game play. FOr example I should not have to touch the pet to get it to follow or stay or attack. I should be able to whistle. Loving conan but where pets are concerned they need to go take a look at ASE. ASE pet system is the best. Not saying the full name out of respect for Conan Exiles and I think they could figure out what game ASE is.

I find it intuitive, works well. And you don’t need to avoid towns with pets, just make sure your key binds are set correctly and don’t accidentally command the pet to attack someone…

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