Pets - get them off my NPC target

You have a pet, as you need one, right?

Want that named thrall that you had no idea you would find as you went up to get black ice at the local camp to the south?

Too bad - park your pooch to the side, as he/she will be sure to attack everything there.
There is no call of mode.

  • Sure, you may think, while fighting, you could say “stop following” - or better yet, “stand and guard”
  • Assuming you can get around, your little pet glitching on the screen as you place it - they are tenacious and will run from where you place them to fight.
  • NOt just will they run, they will then pick up the sent of something that is nearby that new position, and continue to go to town - until eventually, they may return… usually they get lost, and they strut back and forth until they remember from whence they came.

Same goes with Thralls - seems there could be a better way for followers to be quickly dismissed, where they run off ‘safe distance’ and don’t attack (or just know then not to attack what you currently are.) The latter idea would be excellent.

  • i.e., “Stay there boy” - and they watch you fight, or attack everything else around, but the AI knows that attacking what you are is futile as it wont get its doggy treat at home if it disobeys! :slight_smile:

Hey @Dhaylen

Our team is aware of this and they’re considering a few options to take care of situations like the one you described.
Thanks for your feedback.


Being able to give orders to thralls/pets would be really appreciated.


Skryim follower mod “Inigo” is a good example.
You can set how he attacks and follows.

With your pet/thrall you could have:
a: Follow close
b: Follow Far

a: Attack all
b: Dont attack Tier 4 (kinda specific) :slight_smile:

a: Stand down
b: Attack all but npc Im attacking
c: Assist - Attack person killing me (After you realized b was a bad idea) :smiley:

Options could easily be on the pet/thrall radial menu.

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