Thrall Pet Disengage (Stopgap)

First I realize at some point they may implemented better Thrall and Pet commands, however as a stopgap a command to disengage should be added as NPCs are not as smart as us and will fight anything.

A simple command that would tell whatever current pets or thralls in the players vicinity to disengage and follow/come to the player at their current position.

I was just in a situation that I didn’t notice a Queen Sand Reaper which surprisingly to me killed me instantly, I came back and my pet is now fighting it in a narrow space, but of course my pet is now in ‘Guarding’ mode, I have no way to tell that dummy to stop fighting and run away with me.

As it is losing health FAST I try to quickly run up to it, click on a command and not get killed myself, I end up grabbing it with the ‘move’ command, which of course still at this point doesn’t stop the actually fighting and health depletion; I run 30 feet away put it down so I can now switch it to follow mode… AS SOON AS IT TOUCHES THE GROUND it aggros and runs directly back to the Sand Reaper Queen and dies.

That’s annoying and wrong on many levels… barring we don’t currently have a call command, once we come back it could switch back to follow mode immediately so we don’t have to move next to something that just killed us instantly, or once place don’t instantly run back into a fight it was moved from and wait to see what the player wants it to do, or after being placed switch to follow or a mode other than guard or scout which both seem to attack at will instead of after an attack.

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Yeah, the flight or fight response in these thralls doesn’t seem to be very good. I went brought a greater shaleback to fight a Crocodile boss for me. During the fight I got insta-killed by it whilst the crocodile was attacking my Shaleback. Brought another Greater Shaleback n we triple teamed it - but that Crocodile was putting up a fight. Almost lost one of my Greater Shalebacks (was at 500 health, outta 8000), and I would have had I not told it to follow me n lead a good distance away from the fight.

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