Stay command for followers

When you tell your follower to stop following you, he/she/it will remain for a while before returning to the last placed position.

Based on this logic, could we get a stay command which turns into the normal follow state once we are a certain distance away?
20 foundations long or something like that would be nice.

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It would be nice if we could “whistle” thralls similar to Dinos in Ark. “whistle stop”, “Whistle passive” etc etc

A more in depth thrall command menu would make thralls so much more useful, but accompanying behaviors would have to be developed too.

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  1. Attack (attacks what you are locked onto, or the nearest enemy if there is no lock on)
  2. Incapcitate (switches to a club and does the same as above)
  3. Scout (backs up several steps then guards that location for a period of time before returning home, also useful for when they pin you in a doorway and need them to move in PVE)
  4. Disengage (stops attacking altogether)

That gives you 4 commands that could be assigned to the 4 directions on a D-Pad when using a controller, just combine it with the block button. Block + up on the D-Pad commands then to attack, Block + down on the D-Pad makes them disengage, etc.

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Better Thralls - Warcry (Proof-of-concept) - not yet released

warcry is an ark like whistle system to give commands to thralls in range

I would wholeheartedly support an engage/stand down or hostile/non-hostile command option.

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That mod looks like it has potential, but I play on console and try to nudge in functionality that requires minimal effort based on existing mechanics.

An alternative to my initial suggestion, which included a range mechanism, could be a timed function.
This is even more based on existing mechanics.

So based on the unfollow function, where your follower goes to last guarded position after a certain time:
The stay function could be timed so it would only last for 5 minutes or something.
When the time is up, the follower will follow you like normal.
During the stay period, you cannot make another pet/thrall your follower.

It’s not ideal, but given the existing mechanics, it’s should be doable and still add value to players.

Niice. This needs to be part of the base game, ASAP.

why does everyone want to take my mods away from me :frowning: my babies

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