"Fall back!" or "Stand Down!"

Why, after all this time, is there no quick way to tell your follows not to go balls-to-the-wall lethal, in the middle of activity?
I have lost count of how many times this has happend: I’m passing through somewhere, and I encounter a named artisan who I REALLY NEED, but they and their pals get aggroed.
I’m running in a circle, trying desperately to tell my followers to attack nothing, but to do so, I have to hold the interaction button on one follower, then go through the menu to tell them. And then I have to do it again, since I have two followers.

We NEED a quick option to quickly tell all followers to either stand down, fall back, etc.
Just as often, I can’t get a follower to back off from an enemy they can’t handle while I’m fleeing.
I get so far away I can’t see anyone, and it says they died.

you already have the option , you can go in settings and set any key to the “stop” command :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

ps : you also can set your thrall behavior to attack nothing and he will only attack what you order him to

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Stop only works now and again and only for a brief period. Putting them on attack nothing is great unless you die in which case your thrall stands there taking a beating until you get back there and manage to change the settings whilst dodging whatever is wailing on them. Lost a few thralls over the years like this. I agree with op. It would be a very nice qol addition.

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Need something like the whistle commands in Ark. One that your thrall will attack target, one for attack all, one for passive mode etc. There is room for expansion here I think.

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I like it

I set up a hotkey on my “return” action and when I use it my follower immediately breaks off and comes to me. If you are fleeing, this is the perfect way to go. Just spam the key a few times and your follower will come to you.
When I go into a place like the den, or UC, looking for thralls, I always give my follower a truncheon before going in.
There are no magic functions to keep your thrall from killing a named NPC, you have to decide if you want to hunt thralls or go on a killing spree, but every once in awhile I can “flee” when I see a named thrall and get my follower to “return” to me without killing it, then I go back with truncheons.

Another alternative is setting Followers to Attack Nothing and only use the manual attack command when needed.

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