For a better immersion in Conan exiles V2

Some ideas to fix or buff the immersion in the game, sometimes with very few work to do. Sorry for the poor english.

Pict faction in jungle

  • A Pict tribe in the southern part of the jungle would be a nice addition, with fight with the pirates (like in Howard’s novel) or roaming tribesmen in the Lemurian ruins of the Giant spiders area. You already have the creatures associated with Picts in the lore (giant snake, tigers …), and a large part of the jungle is almost empty.

Finish the jungle

  • I found the Jungle part pretty empty, comparing to desert or even North. Few NPC camps, a large empty area in the south, a poor diversity of creatures in the ruined city or even the swamp … At least you should place some roaming world boss, some Picts or new Pirates camp or even a Jhebbal Sag sanctuary. Some cave with sulfur, some ruins with skeletons …

Crom with passive bonus

  • In the lore, Crom doesn’t help anyone, but he gives at birth the will to endure life and violence. So choosing Crom as a god could give some passive bonus (regen ? resistance to corruption ? extra endurance ? resistance against PvE creatures ?). For the moment, Crom doesn’t have any utility.

Cave of Hanuman

  • It’s a pretty cool and totaly unused area. Put some Darfaris cultists, a summoner with a demon or a quest item there, it would be the minimum !

Small dungeons with recipes reward

  • You have a bunch of unused buildings and ruins in the desert, which could be filled with somes NPC and a simple reward like armor recipes (hyenas, ancient weapons …), construction recipes (trebuchet, explosives …). It would be a good way to make some low-cost content, with a more immersive way to learn recipes in the game than a magical learning in a giant grid.

The ghost of Telith

  • No one see her, and I don"t think it was the objective. She seems to have a special theme, a special island and a role in the story, so why can’t we see or talk to her ?

NPC Basic behavior : alarm system

  • Put some drums of horn in NPC camps, with the possibility for ennemies to draw the alarm and “activate” all statics NPCs with random patrols, or summon pets or boss. It would give some tactical difficulty in PvE. For the moment, we can kill all occupants of a Npc camp one by one, when the rest are dancing (in silence).

NPC factions are too statics

  • NPC Factions should make patrols out of their base, and sometimes fight each other for the control of some places (for example Darfaris and Pirates), or adventuring into some ruins against skeletons. For the moment, they are just sitting in the middle of nowhere, doing nothing, or dancing without any music … Just place some hour-related patrols in the nearest locations, like Darfaris entering the Arena ruins.

Darfari hunt in the oasis

  • Darfari cannibals should hunt the player sometimes during the night. The beginning of the game isn’t hard or creepy at all. We can too easily avoid any danger, any predators (croco, hyenas …). Staying in the oasis should be dangerous because of the darfari maneaters, with for example a simple line like “you’re hunted …” to give some chills to player, or a special purge with roaming darfaris that pop in the oasis and attack all exiles.

Skeleletons acts like normal NPC

  • Skeletons should not proudly patrols in circle like any other NpC, in full light. Make them appear from the sands, or at least hiding in the shadows of building … Some new skelettons are already hidden in corpses.

The story is very difficult to understand and follow in the right order

  • The story of the game is a great mess, because we have no path to follow with NPC or “quest” destinations. We can kill the serpentmen boss without knowing who he was, or what the hell we’re doing here in a volcano, and getting the artefact without knowing his role. It"s pretty ridiculous and break the immersion in the game story. At least, put some “forced” steps ( a boss fight, a NPC to meet and talk to) that give us a reason to go to the North or the Jungle.

Rescue thralls instead of always enslave

  • Some places should give a way to capture a thrall. For examples, we should be able to release a thrall in a pirate or darfaris camp, and take him back to our base, instead of always enslaving everyone. You already have chains and cages, now give them some utility. And remembers that Slavery was always rejected and despised by Conan in all novels.Other way would be to have temporary event that appear (like the purge system) with for example a sacrifice in the Summoning place. Going there would give the possibilité to liberate / acquire a special thral before he’s killed.

Thralls need some voices and basic dialogues.

  • At the moment, thralls are pretty boring, stupid and doesn’t have any role in the game. They’re just grunt standing where we place them, and sometimes doing their jobs. So they need some little emote (you already have them !), some basic lines when you speak to them, something that give the minimum illusion and immersion …

Make an injuried animation

  • It’s still to easy to run out of combat in full sprint and avoid any dangers, especially in PvP. Character who get slow-down or heavily injured (25% left ?) should not be able to sprint, but only walk in pain. Combat in Pvp would be less ridiculous. And in PvE, it should force the player to be cautious.
    Even modders on Skyrim have managed to create some animations, so we expect a professionnal studio like Funcom to be able to do the same.
    Example :
    To prevent the die and retry logic (if impossible to run away), we could have Perks that reduce that, or move that can stuck a character too.

Important NPC

  • Create real special looking human boss for every main factions (Darfaris, Black hand …), with somes lines, recipes … You could even make them kind of World boss.


  • A second line of hotbars would be cool, because they are many objects we need to have in common game situation (weapons, tools, potions, shield …). An alternative would to be have 2 hotsbars, and be able to switch beetween them by pressing a button like shift.
  • A visual sign of the degradation of food, like a color in the back.
  • Create a workbench for construction/building recipes (wall, roof, door …). The main page of recipes is already a mess, with too much things craftable.

More immersive purges

  • When a Purge begins, a small animated face of an ennemy NPC (Darfari, Exiles …) taunting us to annunce the attack. Would be more immersive or motivating, the game is too much silent and game mechanics are too visible and artificial, which break the immersion. At the end of the purge, automatic emote for all thralls to celebrate victory.

Story-related Purges

  • Create some automatic purges linked to the progression in main quest. For examples, Silent Legion raid after we kill the Black castle boss, or Darfari purge after a special kill in the Summoning place.

how many times can I hit the like button? anyways… a lot of these could /should be added to the actual game. an example would be the pics in the jungle… surely we could find a place for them there… its a big jungle!

This is weird one, cause there is old screen caps (well site images) of a Imp in there at back.
I always assumed it was a secret. Trying different prayer emotes hoping trigger it, or pickaxe his eyeballs. XD

Many of these are lived in, …by players. Changing map for these spots could be deadly. And worse many would love Server reset to clear out blocks and cheaters and dupers. Its something that needs to be done right.
The last time they added NPCs to field, I lost 3 of my favorite building spots. I do not want to lose more. =(

At most, we “suppose” to hear her singing as Journal notes. Or even humming for her lost love.

I think this in part how there tied to human npcs. And how some of it works. As ones in unnamed City use lay down animation.
It could also be something in Lore… not a expert on that one.

I’d be neat to have them crawl up from ground.

There abit of info around, via other spots explaining why it as is. Its kinda on side of, Explore and find it. Instead of having it thrown at you in bunches.
I’m kinda in favor of… finding it myself. the story less game is also, abit nice. There are elements of Amon Tharn being reason your there, and evidence he want you to stay there. (which leads to broken Journal entries (mummy of set) (and find all map markers)

Depends how you look at it. Most of mine arent thralls… just people who tried kill me, lost a fight and woke up not dead and are ever thankful for roof I put over there heads.
THOU, I do agree it be nice to head to Seprumurururururururu(or however spelt) and meet t1 and t2 who want to help, or finding ones tied up at darfari camps you can let go, or join you.

I could mumble on about some of others… but i want a few small things myself that get shot down… so I’ll just stop typing. XD

I backyou up on everything you said, those are suggestion of great value !

But x)

For the second hotbar, i think what we have now give just enouth space to gear up with tactic & not bringing a whole armory whith us, if we had more we wouldn’t even have to think about this, and i tend to dislike way that make it easier.

About the building bench it’s kindof mixed, sure the craft inventory is a royal mess, but we been use to create building part & build directly from early access, how would we react if we had to loose a bit of time each time we wan’t to buid or enhance our spot ?

BTW, about that injured animation, didn’t we were suppose to have a forced emote when drinking a heal pot ?

I totally agree @Mannelig even if I think some of your suggestions could cause to much work for the server and they could cause performance issues.

About the injuried anination, I see it as a way to reduce the mouse&cat aspect of some fight with other players, were you can run over and jump to evade even with 5% life. It could be more realist and less ridiculous to see, and not really punitive, because you have to be already badly injured to see it.

“Creepy” is not the good term, it’s too strong. It could be a king of events (like purge) during the night in the oasis, with roaming darfaris. It would be lore-friendly (even a note of an exile in the game speak of it), more difficult to play (the oasis area is still very easy in PvE) and bring a little more immersion.
You could also make this in a part of the oasis (for example near the western part, near the Dregs) to let new player discover the game in peace in the eastern area.

Edit of the suggestions in first post.

It mustve had an awkward patrolling route to be in the back there

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