For the Roleplayers

I know the RP scene is struggling but I still think there is some interest out there. Whether you’re in an rp guild or not, I would like suggest we put down a day once or twice a week with a time frame that works for most.

Please add here a day of the week and time if you are interested and we’ll try to put something together for new and experienced rpers. Maybe even just a day where people can come and go as they please.

Place will probably be SHI but there are alternates as well. Please list your preference as well. Thanks!

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Sunday evenings US time used to be quite popular at one point, that could be an option.

Thanks! I will keep that in mind, and try to get something going. :grinning:

Uh Sunday evenings US time… majority of player are EU here (and RP’s), it’s like ~4am EU time and after Sunday is Monday (work day). Just saying…

Thanks for the info! We will find the best time for all hopefully to try to get as many as we can.