Rp nights return

I dont know how to make a poll thread

Anyone want to pick and RP night for Crom?

I recommend Monday nights at 9 PM EST

I’d like to do something a tad bit different then in the past. Instead of rocking the SHI 24/7 my proposal is to rotate between SHI, Armsmen and whatever that shihole is called in cimmeria.


Last icon on far right under build poll. I would suggest however posting date, time, and location plus any other details here and see what responses happen. Also, have a time range where people can be there during the event, say 8 to 10 p.m. Est.

I’d probably throw in the Purple Carp since it is not used much these days, plus it’s closer to the Khemi arena if any drunkards were to get inspired for a RP-PvP duel.

Thoughts on the Sailors Den or the Greenman in OT proper? Since 9pm EST is very early morning for most of the EU, are there any thoughts of hosting an RP night in European evenings on a different night?


I would think all the Inns and taverns would be excellent choices, I always did wonder why SHI seemed the only spot. In fact, I have an old script somewhere that is similar to this, rolling Rp meetings around the taverns. :flower_playing_cards:

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Returning to the game and going to try to RP as much as possible. If anyone wants to add my character, it’s Lapid from Kush or Owryn my Cimmerian. Tired of the same ol’ SHI RP if anyone is up for more outside the tavern style RP.

You are probably write catering the European communities might be wiser. I love your idea of the carp.

What time would you recommend?

Just hoping to bump this and find a good rp night

If you plan to do a night each for both EU and US/CA I would suggest Monday for US and perhaps Thursday or friday for EU. Or even a weekend day when some US people could make it.

If you only want one night a week, I suggest alternating it and then choosing a weekend day so its possible people from US and EU have a chance to make it on and make it like 2-3pm EST because while it’s relatively late for say, people in Russia, its still a decent hour for them and many would be awake anyway finishing up raids most likely during that time.

So maybe week one you start in US night time like you want, then week 2 is the same day, but earlier in the US day for the Europeans. Then week three is back to US night time, week four bounces back to EU. And while they are alternating, the place is also alternating. So week one us at US night time at the SHI, and week two is in EU raid time or shortly before or shortly after or during, and at the Purple Cap. Week three is US and is at the Conarch Tavern and week four is EU at the tavern in Wild Lands of Zelata or whatever.

And if you plan to try to find a time that works for both populations, then have it on a day where Europeans can stay on later and where the US/Canadians can log in earlier. And again, make it a weekend since thats usually when most people are free.

So like sunday 9 am pst?

Yes, or a similar time on a different night.

At the end its your event. I’m just trying to give feedback that will hopefully be able to give back to both populations of RPers or people interested in RP.

Well I dont want it to be my event. I just want to coordinate a time for the community.

Let’s shoot for sundays at 9 am for now.

Weekends are always good. But 9am for what time zone?