Forced weapon sheathing bug after server DC

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Issue Type: general bug
Game Mode: unofficial server multiplayer, PVE
Server Type: not applicable
Map: siptah
Server Name: not applicable
Mods: not applicable

Bug Description:

taking out any item to ready it results in it being sheathed approx 1 second afterwards [this persists on keyboard and controller] this makes it impossible to build or fight

Bug Reproduction:

unsure how to reproduce as me and my partner are playing side by side and he doesn’t seem to have the issue, this happened immediately after being DCed from our server [he didn’t get DCed, i own the server] it’s persisted through a restart, file verify and full PC restart as well

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Could you share a short video with us displaying the issue, please?

We appreciate your support on this matter.

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