Forgotten place & Follower stuck

Game mode: [ Select one: Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type: *[ PvE-Conflict *
Region: Asia
Hardware: xbox series x

Bug Description:

*bugs1 :
Location: Torture Basement in The Ashen Core *

3d textures can be traversed.

Follower sometimes won’t attack enemy.

Expected Behavior:

Fix this and Improve the experience.

Steps to Reproduce:

*BUG1:Game designers forgot this place?

BUG2: Shield stuck? Double knife stuck?*

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Hey @Gor

Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the missing geommetry, we’ve worked on more quality passes for the Isle of Siptah map with 2.5 that may have addressed the spot you mention. We’ve send note to our team to make sure we’re aware of the coordinates and get them addressed if needed.

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