My character is stuck underneath the map (Unnamed City)

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2507

Bug Description:

My character is currently stuck in the Unnamed City underneath the map in E5.

Bug Reproduction:

I grabbed the relic fragment on the wall at the southeastern tip of the wall, climbing up from Death’s Shadow Camp. I walked toward the city along the wall (southern edge of the wall) and hopped down by the ghoul and skeleton. I went to switch my weapon and they all rushed me and knocked me backwards into the corner. Apparently there is a little ledge with an open space in that corner between the building and the wall. I fell into that space and it pushed me under the map. I am now currently stuck and cannot get out. I have tried logging out multiple times and reloading. It keeps me stuck under the map. It must also think I am falling or something because I have 0 stamina. I did get a full bar using one of my stamina potions, but it won’t let me climb. Best I could get was halfway out in 1st-person, but, again, it won’t let me climb the wall next to me. I don’t want to remove my bracelet as I am worried I will lose everything I have on me underneath the map. Please help!

I made it out. A sandstorm started while I was reading some things on the forum. I took some damage and used a healing wrap. Something about that animation moved me to a spot I could grab the wall and climb out.

But, that gap and being able to fall through the map there should be fixed. Thanks!

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Greetings @crimsondragon2499 ,

Thank you for sharing this.

Can you, please, share screenshots of said location so the developers can investigate?

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