Forgotten Realms RP - 18+ RP-PvP with Magic and Humans, Elves and Orcs

The student lobby in the college!

The beginning of our Dwarven village and trading hub!

Elminster is now teaching the Human students at his Candlekeep! The college is focused more on Elves.

Due to Funcom’s latest update, our server unfortunately had to wipe. We’re back now though and rebuilding stronger than ever! It’s a wonderful time to join us, pick where you want to live and start building. I’ll update this with fresh screenshots and new information soon! IP is still the same!

After the violent storm that wiped the Elven college, Human school, Dwarven trading hub and more… Kael’eth Sindari, his wives Cynn Theal’saras and Vaella Elwynn, Professor Gweylir and some students were safely brought to a new location due to Kael’eth’s sacrifice. Now, they’re rebuilding with what they have.

This is our new tower!

Updated the mod list as we’ve added a different version of Immerse and also DUNGEON MASTER TOOLS! I’m so excited to see what Kael’eth does. :smiley:

Some new pictures!

The college

The new Dwarven trading hub (still being built!)

What kind of magic do you want to learn? Elemental magic, like fire or lightning? Druidic magic like poison? Shaman magic, buffing and healing your allies? Not to mention holy magic for our Paladin classes, Vampirism and so much more… Choose your adventure and come join us!

It’s that time of year again where we’re getting a boom in population! Come join now and spend your holidays in the Forgotten Realms!