Forgotten Wilds [PvE/RP/18+] [PC]

Welcome to Forgotten Wilds, a text-based RP server for PC players that is more geared to a high-fantasy using both Conan and D&D as influence, creating a hybrid experience. Our server offers custom lore, and magics. Event Vendor site to trade in coin for some rare items. Custom races and classes with their own unique hall and leadership. The server will be highly dependent on player roleplay and the consequences thereof, and while our realm is dressed inDark Fantasy, we’re no strangers to light-hearted fun. We’ve kicked off our server story, in preparation for our first big event that is upcoming in September!

With Thuria becoming home to exotic races, slaving has become a high commodity. Being taken aboard a slave ship to a destination unknown, storms come causing those at sea to crash into the town of Sea Haven. No one knows exactly what force is causes this, nor what is trapping everyone on the island. Safety only comes from civilization, and and with every dune carries another predator as shadows dance at the edge of your vision. Whether you strike out on your own or choose to ally with those from your boat, be wary of strangers and welcome, to Forgotten Wilds.

Discord: Forgotten Wilds

Server Mod List: Steam Workshop::Forgotten Wilds 18+ RP|PVE


Server Features: Starter kits, 4.5x XP and 3.5x Harvest rate, structure damaged turned off, keep loot on death, flexible build count, active and friendly community/player base, Savage Wilds Map, level 60 boost, max level 300, active staff, LGBTQA+ Friendly