Formula for Hacker and General Level in Player City Raids

Does anybody know/remember the formulae to calculate the level of the General and/or Hacker/other mobs in city raids? (Based on the number of organisation members present in the city and their levels, of course.)

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Gen level was something like : (Average lvl of org member in city + Sum of or members TL lvl’s ) -1

lvl 100, 150 & 200 in city would give about lvl 164 General => ( 100+150+200)/3 = 150 + ( 4 + 5 + 6 ) -1
2x 220 in city => 220 + 7 + 7 -1 = lvl 233 gen

iirc, hackers had 3 different difficulty lvl’s they could pop … easy, medium & hard => for a 220 … something like 220 / 240 / 260 or so, its been so long i don’t remember exact numbers anymore.

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I remember it been slightly differently, although it has been quite a few years. Easy enough to test though.
Each wave gives a hacker’uri + 1 alien for each member of the hosting org team in the city.
The general is usually 10-15 levels higher than the highest org member in the city at the time of spawning. A bit higher range when you get to higher levels.

It used to be a thing to have a low level twink afking the waves, then just before the general wave (8?) zone in your 220 and get a high level general for loot.
I also remember doing lots of lvl 60 raids with org members and friends, that would get destroyed when a 220 exited the grid in the city just before the general spawned and that general would be, again, very high level. Not an average of the levels available in the city at that time.

Anyways, give some feedback what you find doing raids.


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Are there any new insights regarding this formula?