Bots in the game

I am pretty sure that I have spoted a bot, The character is running the same pattern over and over again and dies at the exact same location. The lvl is very low compared to the area. I got prof, But I dont want to cause any kind of trouble by “putting him on the cross” and give up details here… Anywhere I can report this for the developers to investigate?
And it’s not the first time i’ve spotted this kind of bot-pattern.
Pretty sure it’s a fast lvling journey pattern.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve informed the developers of your discovery so they can investigate the matter and hopefully implement some countermeasures.

Let me know if you need more intel, I got name and picture.
the player went from lvl 32-59 very fast.
Want a game to be fair and square. I have spent 173 H and reached lvl 55. Ofc I could have lvl faster if I wanted to. But I have had other things to focus on. :slight_smile:
thnx for the reply!

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