Official Server #1111

Dear Funcom,

I hope my article finds you well as this needs some serious attention.

We (normal) players, the mortal players, are very concerned of players able to level up insanely fast. I have been playing Conan since Beta launched and know exactly how hard it is to level up.

I am specifically reporting player named ‘’ JAJA ‘’ on Official server #1111 from Gotterzorn Clan.

The rumors are that every single player from that specific Clan uses some sort of exploits, cheat engines and what not.

Going back to my concern, Player ‘’ JAJA ‘’ on the 11th June 2018 was just Level 33 when I last saw him play.
He has reached Lvl60 in absolutely NO TIME. I am 100% sure he reached lvl60 the same day.

Technically, to reach Level 60 from Lvl 44 (roughly) you need to craft 40 VAULTS.

That is:
1600 Steel
6000 Hardened Brick
5000 Steel Reinforments

All that just to get ONE player up to Lvl 60.

The community of Official Server #1111 has multiple times complained of how they have unlimited resources. -How they can have unlimited ORBS.
-How they can run faster than a runner build with full Silent Legion Armor and have unlimited Stamina.

Dear FunCom, please get someone on that server to deal with such griefing, this is absolutely not acceptable.
Why would I waste my precious time when someone can get things done with bugs and cheats.

-Besides everything else, there was a player who was cheating on the very same server (#1111) and streaming on YouTube and he was from the SAME CLAN. ‘‘Gotterzan’’

He got banned. Now is the time to get rid of the friends that were left untouched.

Best Regards,

Both JAJA & everyone else in the Gotterzorn Clan is either using exploits (duplicating) (unlimited stamina) or they just use a cheat engine. The leader of the clan even streamed himself hacking with his friends but only he got banned. Even if some player in the clan happens to play legit, they are still using all the gear & materials that the hacker gathered. At least disband the clan and remove the items they have.

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